“Medicine is a life altering Career; it is only meant for those few who are fully committed to take up the challenge.”

Our Director Dr. Umesh Gurjar (M. D .Physician, DNHE, CAFÉ), is a pioneer, a visionary, a speaker, an author & a leader with an clear and strong aim of providing a single platform to all the aspirants who wish to carve a career in Medical Field may it be in India or Abroad. He is a Leading Career Consultant in India for making your dreams come true of becoming a life saver, a Doctor by imparting important, accurate & timely information with highly effective guidance for choosing right path in obtaining Degree in your desired Medical Field. He has travelled extensively across the globe to various Universities & Educational Institutions and has gathered impeccable knowledge over the years,

In early 2005, OM Educon Pvt. Ltd. based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat was initiated under the determined vision & watchful eyes of Dr.Umesh out of his sheer zeal of providing a one stop solution to fulfill all basic needs of the aspiring students. Via the medium of Om Educon, he provides free counseling through seminars alongwith accurate guidance to the students who aim of building path breaking career in Medical Stream at Domestic & International level. He personally interacts with the students on one-to-one basis to assess and determine the student’s eligibility for further educational studies criteria.





Om Educon Pvt. Ltd

Om Educon Pvt.Ltd. is an unique & premier Educational Consultant Firm in the field of Medical Education.

Om Educon Pvt.Ltd. based in Ahmedabad, India offers packaged solutions to the students and professionals who wish to tender higher education in India & Abroad both in all branches of Medical Field. Over the span of 12 years, we have helped thousands of students to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

Since its very foundation, Om Educon Pvt. Ltd. was primarily focused only on Indian and European education market. However, in the last few years, we have been able to collaborate and work successfully with many other educational institutions all around the world and strengthening our Global Presence.

We provide guidance & information for seeking admission in more than 300 Colleges/Universities all over India and Abroad. In India, we extensively provide admissions in states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, MP, UP and Rajasthan. In Abroad, we provide admissions in countries like Belarus, Germany, UK, USA, Russia, China, Philippines, St. Lucia and many more…

We provide customized & personalized counseling to students and parents at all stages of education whether in India or Abroad. Our staff & colleagues are highly student friendly and provide a soothing & comforting experience to our clients & their parents to satisfy all their needs effectively.

Om Educon has a wide range of smart, savvy & well experienced consultants who are having deep and diversified knowledge and information of colleges and universities and have up-to-date information on various educational developments which help students to make choices wisely & correctly.



Our vision is to build and give best, intelligent and responsible doctors to future who will fulfill their roles with great determination & success, in every challenging environment globally.



To impart a career path tailor-made to the requirement of the deserving students at Under Graduate & Graduate levels who are seeking to pursue their further education in India & Abroad both.

To groom students by enhancing their capabilities, aptitude & Interests for making them compatible with the world, ensuring they stand head-to-head at the International Level both Professionally & Personally.

To spread awareness & provide information in regards to educational opportunities available at Indian and Global level with ease & effectiveness. And to provide tailor made plans for acquiring good-quality education in Medical Field as per their economic affordability.

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