PMTC – Pre Medical Training Camp:

  • PMTC – Pre Medical Training Camp is a specially designed program for Standard 10th, 11th, 12th Science or Biology Group students who wish to build their career in the advanced Medical Field.
  • We further also offer & provide training and guidance to students in developing their overall skills/personality to adapt variety of skill sets in a short span. Experts & Specialist trainers provide detailed training on various Important subjects and cover valuables aspects of medical and non medical fields.


PMTC – “ Training for total development of future Medical Student.”

PMTC is specially designed for 10th, 11th, 12th Science or Bio Group students who want to build up his/her career in the Medical Field.

Students who want to make his/her over all development in short period of time at one place can get Training and Guidance on various aspects of different subjects by Experts or specialists of different fields.


A. Career Counseling

Aspiring Students may have doubts or confusions related to their career in their mind like:-

  • Which field to choose?
  • Which courses to select in particular field?
  • What are the benefits after choosing that course?
  • How much percentage is required for admission in that field?
  • If percentage is less then what to do?
  • What is the fee structure for courses in different fields?
  • What to do after completion of that course?
  • Where to study? In Gujarat? Or any other States? Or Abroad?

Due to lack of proper information available, many students and their parents face similar confusions and questions as listed above for higher studies. And we provide all of this information with ease & in details via career counseling may it be for an individual’s personal grooming or for groups of students.

B. English Improvement

English is now a commonly accepted & spoken language over the world and a general medium of communication in this era of Globalization. And hence, an individual is required to have some basic knowledge & control over English Language which will benefit them at all levels.
After 12th standard, when students go for further higher studies, all the majority of courses offered are in English language. Thus it becomes a little bit difficult for the students who have studied in Gujarati or Hindi Medium Schools, Due, to this they may face issues in learning & understand new subjects which are totally in English. And here PMTC helps them to learn with ease -

  • Basic English
  • Spoken English
  • Written English
  • Reading English
  • Medical terminology and jargons

An expert of English Language gives information & knowledge on above subjects. Students can also learn various other International languages – if required which we can arrange for them.

C. Communication Skill & Personality Development

A Good Set of Presentation & Communication Skills enhances the over personality of a student which can help them perform better. Especially post 12th standard, where education is no more limited to written examination of the learning subjects for the students.

For further studies after Completing Std 12th Science, Medical Students will have to go through various Written as well as Oral Examinations at different levels. Students also have to take part in different activities apart from studies like various co-curricular Competitions, Seminars, Presentations, Public Speaking, Impromptu speech, etc.

PMTC grooms students in personality building and enhances their thought process towards wider areas & aspects of life.  PMTC is well organized by a particular group of experts that devise and design different activities such as competitive games, various tasks and communication games that improves and tests analytical skills of the Students. PMTC also helps students to recognize their own inner strengths & beautifying their personality vividly.

D. Computer Science

Looking at the current scenario, we all know it is an age of Top notch Technology. Almost every filed is functional with Computers & the Internet and therefore, it is very essential that an individual & specially a Student must have basic operational knowledge of computers.

Whichever field a student may choose for their future career, studious knowledge is not sufficient. At various levels, students will be participating in competitive examinations, and for that they must be computer & internet savvy, at least with the basic information.

Our highly skilled Experts provide guidance and training on following topics:-

  • Basic knowledge of Computers
  • Basic knowledge of the Internet
  • Net Surfing
  • E-mailing
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft office (MS word, Power point, Excel etc)

E. Medical Subjects

After Completion of 12th Science, many Students aspire to become doctors in diverse Medical Field. At this time, students have almost very less information on the subjects & studies being taught in the Medical Field. Our school education does not cover or explain the basics of the vast medical field. Hence, performance difficulty is faced at various levels by students when opting for medical studies, due to which It becomes very tough and stressful for them to score good marks.

In PMTC, Students can learn following Medical Subjects which are taught by our highly  qualified teachers.

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Biology
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Medical Terminology

We assure you that after getting trained in above subjects by our expert trainers it will definitely take you to the next level and upgrade your knowledge.

F. Daily Activity & Competition

Our Ambition is – “Learn with Fun”
We arrange various activities, competitions, quiz, and special games for students for their overall development.  Activities and competitions like...

  • Group Discussions
  • Management Quiz
  • Medical Quiz
  • Daily Test
  • Puzzle game
  • General .Knowledge Quiz
  • Creativity

G. Cultural Activity

We strongly believe that learning should be combined with different fun activities to make it easier to grasp and interesting as well for everyone. This will enable students to bring out their hidden potential and talent, nourish their Self Confidence , Personality & skills.

We encourage Students to pursue and actively follow their hobbies like:

  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Drama
  • Activity
  • Mime

H. Mock Test

We organize two general tests to recognize the educational level of students. First test is organized prior to the beginning and the second test at the end of PMTC. This help us understand what students have learnt from the PMTC camp.

1) First test:-
By this test we get the overall information of the students, which can help us determine the areas where the student requires grooming, guidance & improvement.
2) Last Test:-
By this test we can analyze that what is the overall development of students after completion of this training camp.

From the results of these two tests we can provide progress and analysis report of students to their parents.

I. Special Power point Lectures

Students have some myths in their mind due to partial information acquired from around. To remove this confusion & myth and to raise their enthusiasm, Experts give easy & various PowerPoint lectures.

Lectures comprises of the following:-

  • Career Counseling
  • Language Power and Its use
  • Communication & personality of Doctors
  • Use of Computer in medical field
  • I am a Doctor
  • How to improve Memory Power
  • Study techniques
  • Life styles, Diet & food for students

J. Book & Study Material

We provide well diversified and best trainings alongwith study material in the form of books for every subject. We organize regular lectures & test activities. The Educational material will help students to prepare for the tests and improve their knowledge base.

Individual Concern for students

We conduct Daily tests in Pre Medical Training Camp for students. On the last day of Camp, all students and parents are invited for Om Educon’s get-together where various reports & results of students are given to their parents as listed below:

  • Daily Test Results
  • Progress Report
  • Analysis Report
  • Comments by Teachers

Awards & Certificates

  • Every Student who undertakes PMTC is awarded a Certificate of participation.
  • Students who win various Competitions and Excel in examinations during PMTC are honored with different awards and certificates.
  • Winners of respective competitions will be given certificates as follows:

Certificate Of Best Career Oriented Students No:- 1 And 2
Certificate Of Best English  
   For Spoken No:- 1, 2 And 3
   For Reading No:- 1, 2 And 3
Certificate Of Best Communication Skill No:- 1 And 2
Certificate Of Best Personality One For Male & One For Female
Certificate Of Best Students No:- 1 And 2
Miss Summer Camp & Mr. Summer Camp Among All Students Of Camp
Certificate Of Best Future Doctor No:- 1 And 2

Pre Medical Training Camp Detail

PMTC – For 5 days within 50 hours

Note:More than 15 subjects by 5 expert and super specialists.
PMTC Duration from 12th July to 16th July
Cities of PMTC Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Baroda & Surat
Venue Conference Hall of an Hotel
Timing of PMTC From 08:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m.
Students per batch 30 Maximum
Number of batches 3


Food and Hostel

Food – We provide Breakfast, Lunch, and Evening refreshments at the venue. For students availing hotel facility dinner is also provided.
Hostel – Students coming from outstation have an option to avail hostel facilities in Ahmedabad in the same hotel where PMTC is organized. The accommodation is well furnished to address the day to day needs of the student.








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