Pre medical workshop is specifically designed for the overall progress/growth of a student. Pre-Medical Workshop is the process of converting a candidate from examinee to a student. This workshop is organized with the motive of overall progress of standard 10th, 11th, 12th science students.

In this workshop, training for below mentioned subjects is given by trained experts.

  • How to overcome anxiety caused due to examination?
  • How to score good percentage?
  • How to prepare for NEET / GUJCET?
  • How to improve command over English language.
  • How to enhance memory power and develop confidence?
  • What is career? How to select it?
  • Information of different courses.
  • Self-introspection.
  • Personality development.
  • Public speaking.

Subjects of workshop

  • Study methods and planning.
  • Techniques and preparation for examinations.
  • NEET / GUJCET Examination.
  • Memory power improvement/enhancement.
  • English Improvement.
  • What and how to choose career?
  • Self-analysis.
  • Information regarding different courses.
  • Personality development.
  • Public speaking.

Bucket of knowledge offered to the students during workshop

Study methods and planning

  • Study Management
  • Effective techniques and methods of studying
  • Time planning for studying through Time Management and Empowerment
  • Study plan according to subject wise marks and percentage.
  • Easy method of learning for knowledge based instead of examination based study.

Preparation and Technique for examination

  • 100/100
  • Pre-preparation and pre-planning for examination
  • Planning during the examination
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
  • Diet and health tips during examination.
  • Techniques to overcome from examination fear.
  • Information regarding examination method – paper style and marking system.
  • Techniques to gain effective results in short time.

GUJCET Examination. 

  • Integral information and guidance of examination.
  • Examination system and method.
  • Easy method and information for preparation of examination
  • Information regarding reading books, practice and revision during and pre examination.
  • High score achieving methods.

Memory power development

  • Steps and method to be followed  to improve memory power.
  • Visualization.
  • Mind -Capacity Games.
  • Mind-Massage Tools, Memory Enhancement.
  • Memory Enlarging Methods.

English Improvement

  • Basic English
  • Spoken English
  • Written  English
  • Reading English
  • Medical English
  • Medical terminology

What is career and how to choose it?

  • Guidance regarding - what is career? Why to choose it? How to choose and how not?
  • Matters to be considered while choosing the career.
  • Detailed understanding and information for career selection and curriculum.
  • Adequacy of opportunities for bright future in India and abroad.
  • Accurate information from admission process to achieving success after selecting career.


  • Interest Analysis.
  • Skill Analysis.
  • Personality Analysis.
  • Value Analysis.

Information of different courses

  • Basic Introduction and understanding of courses after 12th Science.
  • Necessary information regarding eligibility criteria for course, admission process and category wise merit list.
  • Extensive information about subjects taught in respective course.
  • Information and guidance regarding career opportunities in Gujarat as well as other states of India and Abroad.
  • Personalized analysis and information about student’s bright future in respective course curriculum.

Personality Development

  • Social Behavior
  • Leadership (in Descriptive way)
  • Public Speaking
  • Body Language
  • Motivation (Basics and Theory)
  • Decision Making (Descriptive Concept and Theory)
  • Group Dynamics and Team Building
  • Communication Skills and Dressing Sense Concepts

Public speaking

  • Preparing
  • Introducing
  • Delivering
  • Concluding


Student’s questions before PMW

  • How to prepare for 12th Science Exam?
  • How much time should be spent for studying for best results?
  • How to score good percentage in every exam?
  • When to appear for GUJCET or AIPMT or NEET? When and how to prepare for it?
  • Why it is important to learn English language and if it is important how to learn it?
  • What to do for good memory power so that we can remember everything?
  • Why to carve a career? What is its benefit?
  • What does it mean by choosing career after 12th Science? What to do to make a good career?
  • Zero information of different courses after 12th Science and confusions of choosing course?
  • How to overcome from stage fear and performing or giving effective speech on stage?

Experienced by students after attending PMW

  • Decide and achieve goals in medical field after 12th Science.
  • Step by step progress in 12th Science with positive approach.
  • Boost memory and cultivate confidence.
  • NEET / GUJCET becomes easy and competitively interesting.
  • Fearless performance on stage.
  • Read, write and speak fluent English.              
  • All mentioned lectures and knowledge of respective subjects are given by expert and skilled trainers to the students.
  • All the lectures and subjects are taught through Multimedia (PPT).
  • Before workshop, a test is given by the students for assessment, through which it can be assessed that in which subject the student is weak and where he/she needs to improve, accordingly our experts/ trainers will focus on that.
  • During workshop students are supposed to take biological as well as psychological test through which it can be understood that in which field or line student is interested and according to that experts can guide the student.
  • On the last day of workshop all the participants are given certificates by the organization.
  • This workshop is organized at AC halls of hotels in respective cities.
  • Workshop timings are 10 hours a day.
  • Other details and time table are provided to the students at the time of joining the workshop.







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